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Did you know fertility can be affected by the amount of natural light in your home? Or that your kitchen could cause overeating? Here’s how to make sure your house is helping rather than hindering your health.

Light The Way

While lighting a scented candle has practically become a global pastime (thank you, hygge), not all candles are created equal. “Parafin wax emits toxic fumes and can have adverse health effects if inhaled on a regular basis,” says Claire Barnes, general manager from ECOYA. Thankfully, there are some great natural wax alternatives, such as soy and beeswax. Added bonus: these candles emit less soot and burn for longer.

Be wary of VOCs

Volatile organic compounds are chemicals found in many household products including paint, carpet, flooring and furniture. When released into the air, they can cause headaches, dizziness and may lead to chronic health problems. “The most well– known VOC is formaldehyde, which is found in natural wood, along with glues, lacquers, even some foods,” explains Kendall Waller, national product manager for Quick-Step. As such, it’s important to assess the chemical emissions of products when renovating and decorating. Rubber, laminate and cork are all low-VOC flooring choices, while many paint companies have low-VOC ranges, which are low-odour, allergy friendly and environmentally friendly. Added bonus : not all chemical material can be removed easily. You know that home is a vulnerable place where asbestos material like to hide such as tiles, walls, ceiling and rooftop. So to maintain your healthy home, hire an asbestos removalist is the vital answer. Asbestos Removal Bundaberg Queensland are ready to perform a cost-effective solutions to your asbestos issue with safety as their priority.

Install A Heat Recovery Ventilator

Source: zeroenergyproject.org

Years ago everybody had humidifiers in winter; houses were so leaky that they were basically filled with outside air that had very little moisture in it. Now that houses are built more tightly, moisture can build up in winter. A heat recovery ventilator takes the heat out of the air being exhausted and transfers it to incoming air, so that you get controlled volumes of fresh air without paying to heat it. It can be installed near your furnace if you have conventional ductwork, or can be a separate unit if you are in an apartment or have hydronic heating.

Stop Mold Before It Starts

Mold grows when it has moisture and food. In older houses with poor insulation, moisture can condense on the exterior walls and feast on the paper surface of drywall. So check around plumbing fixtures for leaks, around windows for condensation, and keep the humidity level down in winter. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen exhausts have clean filters and work properly. Health tip: Always wear gloves and a mask when removing mould, and if it covers a large area – roughly one square metre or more – call in the experts

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